3 inch almond misty blue snappy boxes with pencils markers beach snaps

Summer Snappy Boxes and designs are here!

Start by choosing a pot or a box or bundle…

frosted almond snappy pot with face grow and triangles

Snapy Pots work perfectly for planting succulents and other small house plants. You can choose fom three different sizes depending on your needs with pleny of fun colors to choose from!

fantasy forest snappy box with pencils and beach shapes

Snappy Boxes are great for using as pencil holders, giving gift cards, and storing small trinkets. Kids love decorating them and keeping treasure inside. Boxes come in a variety colors from sparkles and shine to classics.

teacher bundle 3 inch snappy box snaps side

Get a combination of pots and snaps or box and snaps all in a convenient bundle and at a discounted price.

Then choose your decorations!

All “Snaps” are interchangeable so you can personalize how your pot or box looks every day if you’d like. There’s no limit to the number of combinations and designs you can create. Whatever matches your mood for the day or inspires you to smile.

cat lover succulent planter

Classic Snaps work all year round and there’s plenty of options to match your personality

fourth of july snappy boxes with utensils sparkle red blue midnight sky

Special Occasion Snaps are fun to liven up your festivities and can be swapped out as often as you’d like

be kind snappy pot for succulents

Word Snaps can inspire you to be a little better or just highlight what’s going on in your life.

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