Birthday Set


Celebrate your favorite people with our birthday Snaps!

Birthdays are always more fun with gifts, candles, and balloons, so why not add some to your Snappy Pots too?

You’ll receive 7 birthday shapes (3 candles, 3 balloons, 1 present) which are designed to be used on 2″ and 3″ Snappy Pots. You can choose either a white set or multi color.


You will receive 7 Snaps in white, or multi-colored depending on your selection. Pot and other words or accessories are not included.

These Snaps are designed to fit on our 2″ and 3″ Snappy Pots. Sizes and colors are as follows:

  • Candles (blue, green, yellow) | .3″ X 1.2″ | 7 X 31mm
  • Balloons (purple, red, orange) | .4″ X 1.3″ | 10 X 32mm, .6″ X 1.2″ | 10 X 30mm, .4″ X 1.2″ | 10 X 30mm
  • Gift (silver) | .7″ X .7″ | 18 X 18mm

Snappy Pots™ and Snaps are designed for indoor use. Colors may vary slightly from the photos due to color differences in phone and computer screens.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there will be some variation in texture on Snaps and pots.

All Snappy Pots™ products are 3D printed in Gilbert, AZ and Patent Pending (17404507).

**Snaps contain small parts that can present a choking hazard. They are not toys, and are not suited for young children.

birthday snaps multicolor front
Birthday Set