Magnetic Snappy Planter


The Magnetic Snappy Planter, with a liner included, is the perfect way to turn your fridge or locker into a garden! At 2 x 2″ in size, you can easily upgrade your latest little plant purchase into a permanent home.

(Snap decorations and succulent not included)

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Of course, you don’t want water dripping onto the floor when you water, and you know that having a drainage hole is important. This planter gives you the best of both worlds.

The outer planter is completely watertight but has an easily removable liner with plenty of drainage. This way you can dump out the excess after you water and not worry about drips or water pooling endlessly in the bottom of the pot causing the roots to rot.

This planter is compatible with your favorite snaps too! You can customize the decor or add an encouraging affirmation to brighten up your day. So many possibilities.

No one likes a wimpy magnet, so we’ve embedded a super strong inside the planter. The strong magnet combined with rubber “feet” on the back will ensure your plant doesn’t slip or slide when you open and close your fridge.

We know you’ll enjoy seeing your plants each day as you open and close your fridge.

Snap decorations and succulent not included.

Snappy Pots and Snaps are designed for indoor use. Colors may vary slightly from the photos due to color differences in phone and computer screens.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there will be some variation in texture on Snaps and pots.

All Snappy Pots products are 3D printed in Gilbert, AZ and Patent Pending (17404507).

**Snaps contain small parts that can present a choking hazard. They are not toys, and are not suited for young children.

magnetic snappy planter top view with liner
Magnetic Snappy Planter