Snappy Plants Starter Set


Get started with a little bit of everything Snappy Pots for succulents! In this bundle you’ll receive:

  • 3″ Snappy Pot
  • 2″ Snappy Pot
  • 1″ Snappy Pot
  • Face Pieces snap set
  • “grow” word snap
  • Hearts snap set
  • Take Flight snap set
  • Flowers snap set

Choose your colors for each item below.

3" Snappy Pot

The 3" Snappy Pot is perfect for one succulent, or two or three depending on how close you want your succulents planted together. With this size you get lots of room to add all the Snaps of your choice.

2" Snappy Pot

These 2" Snappy Pots are perfect for replanting individual succulents. Take them right from their nursery pot, add a little soil, and customize with your favorite Snaps!

1" Snappy Pot

Your leaf propagation is getting bigger... Yay! You're ready to move it out of the propagation tray, but it's not quite big enough to go in a large pot. What can you do?

Put it in a Snappy Pot!

These 1" pots are the perfect size to show off that itty bitty baby you grew from a single leaf! Plus, you can customize them with your Snaps.

Face Pieces Set

Plants have personalities, just like people! Show of your plant's individuality with these Face Snaps.

Choose between black or white snaps.

Compatible with 2" and 3" Snappy Pots.
Incompatible with 1" Snappy Pots.

Grow | Classic Words

Give your Snappy Pot a polished look with our Classic Words collection.

These words will make you smile or bring encouragement. Mix and match with any of our other snaps!

Word Snaps fit best on our 3" Snappy Pots, though they can be added to any and simply hang over the edge of the pot.

You'll receive one "grow" word snap in the color you select.

Compatible with 2" and 3" Snappy Pots.

Incompatible with 1" Snappy Pots.

Hearts Set

Roses are red, Violets are blue
We have hearts in white, black, frosted almond, terra cotta, dusty pink, mustard yellow, wasabi green, turquoise, misty blue, orchid purple, rainbow (bright), rainbow (pastel).

Show your plant love on your pot with our Hearts Set. Each set of 36 hearts includes 2 sizes of snaps in the color of your choice:

  • 18 - 6mm hearts
  • 18 - 8mm hearts

Take Flight Set

When your feet are on the ground, but your heart is in the sky, these snaps give your pot a little altitude adjustment.

Take flight with these snaps in the color of your choice:

  • Bee
  • Butterfly
  • Sparrow
  • Cardinal
  • Hummingbird
  • Dragonfly

Flowers Set | Classic

Create a playful Summer atmosphere with these Limited Edition Snaps.

These flower Snaps are perfect for brightening up your home or office. They also make great gifts for friends and family!

You'll receive 5 different flower shapes and 1 leaf.

Compatible with 1", 2", and 3" Snappy Pots


Looking for a shape or color? Click here to make a request.

Snappy Pots and Snaps are designed for indoor use. Colors may vary slightly from the photos due to color differences in phone and computer screens.

Due to the nature of 3D printing, there will be some variation in texture on Snaps and pots.

All Snappy Pots products are 3D printed in Gilbert, AZ and Patent Pending (17404507).

**Snaps contain small parts that can present a choking hazard. They are not toys, and are not suited for young children.